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Tree Maintenance Hints

from the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency April, 2008

The city has recently cut down a number of dead and dying trees in Washington Square parkways and planted replacements. Here are some hint to help maintain them:

1. Allow the well or earthen dike to remain around the young tree for at least three months. Do not pile directly around the trunk of the tree.

2. Water thoroughly once a week for the next six to eight months. After that water once every two weeks. When watering your tree fill the well or earthen dike to the top. This will allow the water to go deep around the root system thus making the roots grow deep and not surface.

3. Water more frequently in warmer weather conditions.

4. Do not use a 'weed eater' or lawnmower around the base of the tree (very important)

5. Keep vines such as ivy from growing on the tree.

6. Caution young adults not to damage trees.

7. Watch for damaging insects.

8. Do not spray any kind of chemical or fertilizer around the base of the tree. Do not sump oil, gasoline or other hazardous substances into the tree wells.

The City Tree Division of the Public Works Agency will trim City trees when necessary. They will inspect and treat each tree as needed. The Santa Ana Municipal Code prohibits trimming of city trees by the property owner, and also prohibits planting of additional shrubs or trees on the parkway. Grass and low-growing ground covers are acceptable. Parkway maintenance is the responsibility of the residents. Mowing and maintaining parkway areas help make and attractive setting for the trees. Should you need further information or assistance, please call the Public Works Agency at 647-3550 or 647-3330.



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