2024 WSNA Membership

Anytime is a good time to join WSNA or renew your membership. In 2023, a record number of Washington Square households were members and donations reached new levels. To view the 2023 Membership page, click here. In 2024, let's get that number closer to 100%!!! The association works very hard to keep the neighborhood clean, get involved with city issues and create fun events. We keep you informed with the quarterly newsletter, flyers, social media and this website. The board and committee members are all volunteers but we need your support every year to fund the activities, events and neighborhood improvement projects. Take a moment to send in your check today or donate online below. A plus for you is that WSNA is a 501c3 organization so your donation can be tax deductible. You'll be recognized here on the website and possibly in upcoming newsletters.
The membership levels are:

  • Most Revered Friend of WSNA $1000 or more
  • Grand PoohBah Sponsor $500 or more
  • PoohBah Sponsor $200 or more
  • VIP Sponsor $100 or more
  • Sponsor $75 or more
  • Patron $50
  • Household $20
  • Senior (62 and above) $15

The categories are cumulitive for the year so if you donate $20 now and become a Household Member and donate another $30 later in the year, you will become a Patron Member.

Please Read This First

If you're paying online, please fill out the form below and click Submit. It will copy into your email program to send to WSNA. We don't get the membership info when you pay online and we need to know who you are. If that doesn't work for any reason, send an email with the information to membership@washington-square.org Thanks in advance!  

Send membership information to WSNA: (please fill it all out so we know who and where you are)

Paying with a credit card doesn't give WSNA the names you want on your membership or phone number so please fill out below after you donate!

Names for Membership:



Phone (optional):

Membership Amount:

Paid by (Zelle, Venmo or Credit Card):

Volunteer (yes/no):


Now you can pay for your WSNA membership with your credit or debit card! Just click on the Debit or Credit Card button and fill in the info. You can use your PayPal accout, Venmo or Zelle also.   It's through PayPal so it's secure, your card info is never sent to WSNA.  Also, if your credit card billing adddress isn't the same as your Washington Square address, please list it in the comments above so we can a keep track of who lives where. If you're a landlord, that's fine too. Just let us know the address of the property you own.

Please volunteer to help us with the Association's activities and events. We want to know what concerns you and what direction you'd like to see your Association take. Please send an email to membership@washington-square.org with your comments and offer to volunteer!

Make sure to choose a donation amount from the drop down menu below before clicking "Pay Now"

2024 Membership Options

Now you can also pay for your membership with Zelle. There are no fees for you or WSNA so we get the entire amount you donate. However PLEASE send an email to membership as indicated above so we know who you are and fill out your information in the "message" blank in Zelle. To pay with Zelle, search for: payment@washington-square.org or Washington Square Neighborhood Association


Or you can download and fill out the 2024 WSNA Membership Application here. We'd like your email address to be able to send updates and we'd like any comments or concerns you have about the neighborhood and what you'd like to see WSNA focus it's efforts on. We'd really like to get more members involved in the events and planning this year. Please let us know you'd be willing to help. Send the form and your check to:

WSNA Membership
P.O. Box 4435
Santa Ana, CA 92702-4435

We value your input and feedback on the WSNA events and our neighborhood. Let us know what you'd like us to focus on in 2024. Fill out the membership form you received in the mail, download it here and submit or send an email to membership@washington-square.org.

Your neighbors thank you in advance for your support. Be patient, member information is updated as often as possible.


News and Activity Information

WSNA Newsletters

WNSA Events

Santa Ana Calendar


2024 WSNA Membership Roster

Grand PooBah Sponsor:

Civic Center Law Building

PooBah Sponsors:

Allison Adams
Alyssa Arney & Jeffrey Dolle
Maria Becerra
Aurora & Marcelo Escalera
Nicolas Rodriguez & Teresa Deahumada
Dion & Maria Saldana
Mike and Nicole Vermilion

VIP Sponsors:

Claudia Amezquita
Mary Jane & Paula Blackwell
Leo Cabus & Jon Wilson
Shawn & Andrea Choisser
Christine Cwiertny
Dana & Margaret Defreus
Cathy Aki Edgerton
Nicholas Giampietro & Jose Elizalde
Terri & Dean Hall
Julie & Gary Humphreys
Michael Mello & Cindy Carcamo
Laura & Javier Garcia
Clarence & Margarita Klase
John & Jeanna McCann
Jeannette McMahon & Caran Holland
Gilbert & Cynthia Melendez
Samantha and Bryce Middleton
Johnny & Mari Muller
Ramona Plascensia
Jeff Qualey
Renee Schneider
Tracy & Randy Simons
Oscar & Christina Valenzuela
Roberto Vasquez
Shawn & Ivy Verdin
Michele & Bruce Weiler
Steven Widdoss & Christina Alvarado 

Sponsor Members:

Ray & Margie Jimenez
Amy Becker

Patron Members:

Michael Chu & Christopher Barger
Carol Frank & Sam Puzzo
Adam and Elizabeth Garcia
Anthony & Jacinta Garcia
Nina & David Jirik
Matthias & Angela Knuth
Lindsey Lagos & Daniel Rosenbaum
Juan & Cristina Gonzalez Lopez
Nancy & Tom Lutz
Mary Mandy
Ivy & Jay Poggi
Joe & Jennifer Requejo
Arnie & Laura Ruiz
Sylvia Salenius & John Dilger
Emma & Mike Sisk
Steve & Deborah Vargas

Household Members:

Edgar Agustin &  Elizabeth Bradley
Tracy & Leslie Andrew
Mark Bausman
Juan & Virginia Bernal
Ashley Bolduc & John Sanatar
Valerie Boulter & Bob Bolton
Brian & Claudia Botello
Victor & Margarita Casul
Francisco & Socorro Corona
Sarah Covarrubias
Ricarda Cox
Jerry & Diane Cumberworth
Paul & Eliza Davis
Linh Doan
Donna Franklin
Susanne Furjanik
Alfonso & Delia Garcia
Rigoberto & Evangelina Garcia
Ana Gomez
Jason & Martha Guillen
Gonzalo & Maria Guzman
Ron & Doris Hale
David Hernandez
Freddie & Gloria Hernandez

Barbara Holmes

Hilda & Jerry Kaneko
Mai Le
Rodrigo & Katie Lopes
Bernardo & Evangelina Lopez
Daniel & Maria Lopez
Rolando & Joselyn Mahipus
Christopher and Lindsay Manning
Rogelio & Maria Martinez
Sandra Martinez
Jim and Gayle McDaniel
John & Lois McGuinness
Delilah Mendez
Tim & Tifany Miller
Rodolfo Munoz
Leonard & Rebecca Ortiz
Jose Palacios
Francisca Paredes
John & Sandra Patterson
Jarrod Pilon
Ernest & Joanne Pineda
Mark & Susann Podolak
Martin Prado
Joan Pleasants & Debra Stafford
Saul & Maria Ramirez
Tony & Teresa Ramirez
Henry & Rosie Ruiz
Frank & Olga Soto
John Spencer
Kelly & Bethany Thomas
Rosindo & Maureen Tiritilli
Charles Wadell
Kyle Walker
Brian & Cheryl Yarnall

Senior Members:

Jose & Rosa Amezquita (In memory of)
Valeriu & Ioana Beligan
Linda Burt
Ralph Costello
David Cox
Patricia de Felice
Ernesto & Luz De La Riva
Cirilo Gallegos
Guillermina Gordilo
Jo Ann Hill
Olga Jurado
Joyce Martinez
Margarita Mora
Jessalyn Ortega
Isabel Plata
Sharon Portman
Tuyet & Liem Quach
Vicky Santiago
Richard Serrato
Alma Skiles
Dolores & Lawrence Vargas
Binh Vu
Edward Weinman
Cindy Wood
Miguel & Eugenia Zamudio

Washington Square Neighborhood Association 2024 Membership

If there are any mistakes in the listings, please report them to webmaster@Washington-square.org (If you sent your check in recently, it may not have been deposited or entered yet, remember we're all volunteers)
Current as of 5-15-2024