El Pico de Gallo Grill
901 W. 17th Street
NW corner of 17th & Flower
Santa Ana 714 953-7448
7 Days 7AM - 11PM

May 3rd, 2008. Finally, El Pico de Gallo Grill has opened it's doors. It seems like 5 years since Loopy's closed and we had a sit-down restaurant close by. So what's it like? Well if they keep dishing out food like my first visit, they'll do very well. This is the owner's second restaurant. The first is on Harbor in Garden Grove.

There's nothing remarkable about the interior, it's clean and fresh.They make their own tortillas up front by the door and there's nothing better than warm fresh tortillas. As you'd exect there are many salsa and veggies to choose from. I had the one of the grand opening specials, skewered salmon and shrimp. Simply put, it was great! The salmon was flavorfull and grilled correctly and so were the shrimp. There was a skewer of each, more than enough for lunch. The special includes a salad or soup (very tasty tortilla soup) and rice and beans. My only criticism is that the beans were a bit runny and bland. I'm looking forward to trying out breakfast soon. Opinions are welcome, please send them in. Note that the grand opening special only runs to the end of May.