2024 Block Representatives

Your block reprepresentative is your contact for the Neighborhood Association. They have volunteered to be the eyes and ears of the Association and deliver newsletters and flyers.

There are 22 Block Reps covering all of Washington Square


Location  Block Rep  email  phone (714)
Area 1 Louise North of Washington Tracy Simons tracy4210@aol.com 423-0801
Area 2 Louise South of Washington Maureen Tiritilli maureentiritilli@hotmail.com 309-2229
Area 3 Baker North of Washington Laura Ruiz lruiz@essexrealty.com 308-3008
Area 4 Baker South of Washington John McGuinness jmcguinness@excite.com 836-1971
Area 5 Rosewood Barbara Holmes barbholmes@gmail.com (619) 851-8123
Area 6 Westwood North of Washington Noe Vasquez wishes_03@hotmial.com 851-6767
Area 7 Westwood South of Washington Steve Widdoss stevenwiddoss@yahoo.com (310) 529-9737
Area 8 Towner North of 15th & 16th Gil Melendez gilbertrmelendez@yahoo.com 866-9239
Area 9 Towner Washington to 15th Russ Bartlett bartlettruss@hotmail.com (949) 278-8350
Area 10 Towner South of Washington Ivy Poggi ivy.poggi@yahoo.com (925) 354-2214 
Area 11 Freeman North of Washington Margarita Klase klaserita@yahoo.com 349-8887
Area 12 Freeman South of Washington Jason Athas athasjason@gmail.com 270-4654
Area 13 Lowell North of Washington Gilbert Ochoa gohawk93@hotmail.com (562) 884-7193
Area 14 Lowell South of Washington Carina Frank & Jim Pantone pantonelaw@gmail.com carina@thefrankfirm.com 675-3653
Area 15 Olive N. of Washington Mario & Jennifer Sanchez sanchezj04@sbcglobal.net 724-3101
Area 16 Olive S. of Washington Connie Major conniemajor@yahoo.com 673-8114
Area 17 Bomo Koral Mailee Viramontes  6mdoan@gmail.com 657-4521
Area 18 Washington Ave. Kurt Preston kurtispreston@yahoo.com 547-7404
Area 19 10th St. Westwood to Baker Cheryl Yarnall yarnalls@pacbell.net 542-7512
Area 20 Flower Washington to 15th St Delilah Mendez dee.chic9@gmail.com n/a
Area 21 Flower Washington to10th St Ivana Unger olivana413@gmail.com 421-2139
Area 22 Flower 10th to Civic Center Dr Jose Palacios no email 835-0980